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Inefficiencies In Cold Supply Chain Lead To Wastage During Festive Season

As the festive season in India unfolds, logistics, especially the cold supply chain, takes center stage. The linchpin ensures the seamless flow of essential goods, especially perishables like sweets, dairy products and fresh produce, for families as they come together to celebrate.

However, the festive season also witnesses a spike in wastage due to the inefficiencies in the cold supply chain and the sheer volume of perishables in transit, said Swarup Bose, CEO & founder, Celcius.

“The challenge extends beyond efficient storage and transportation. Strengthening last-mile deliveries for temperature-sensitive perishables, especially for smaller volumes, becomes paramount. Ensuring these goods reach consumers in pristine condition requires meticulous planning and investment in advanced refrigeration and transportation technologies,” he explained.

Additionally, effective technology adoption and partnering with the right third-party logistics service provider, particularly one with expertise in integrating cold supply chain solutions, are absolutely vital for both brands and the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering) sector during the Indian festive season.

“Having a cold chain network partner who can leverage advanced tracking systems, real-time temperature monitoring and predictive analytics, gives brands and HORECA businesses better visibility and control over their cold supply chain. This not only ensures the preservation of temperature-sensitive products but also helps in managing inventory efficiently,” Bose stated.

During this time, logistics firms, operating exclusively in the business-to-business (B2B) domain, are essential in ensuring the smooth flow of goods during this period of heightened demand and celebration.

“To meet the increased demand for products and services over the holidays, Proper management of storage and warehousing is crucial to reduce shipping times and eliminate delays,” said Vivek Juneja, Founder and Managing Director, Varuna Group.

This complex orchestration is made more manageable with the invaluable support of third-party logistics (3PL) partners, he added.

According to Juneja, these collaborations provide access to vital infrastructure and technology that streamline deliveries, allowing logistics companies to shift their focus from supply chain micromanagement to efficiently handling sales and orders.

Logistics participation is crucial, particularly during the hectic festival season. “We serve as the backbone of ecommerce, ensuring that the joy of celebrations reaches every door. Logistics is significant due to its ability to coordinate the efficient transportation of products, manage rising demand, improve supply networks, and meet delivery deadlines,” said Yash Jain, Founder NimbusPost

According to Jain, employing cutting-edge technology, adaptable methodologies and dedicated staff is important to transform the chaos of peak festival season demand into a symphony of on-time deliveries that please customers and build brand loyalty.


29 | 09-Nov-2023