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Hyper-Local Delivery

Celcius's Hyper local service is designed to deploy tech-first solutions to reduce the massive in-transit wastage of perishables caused by cold chain malpractices and inefficiencies, while ensuring speed, quality and agility to transport volumes ranging 500 gm to 5 kg through bike riders and larger reefer trucks for bigger volumes.
Why Us?

Elevating Local
Deliveries with Precision

Celcius is India's fastest growing cold-chain marketplace startup, announced on Nov 30, 2022 about the launch of its Hyper-Local temperature-controlled delivery services for food and pharma orders, as part of its last mile solution.

With the Hyper Local service, Celcius deploys on ground bike riders to deliver temperature sensitive cargo across the country, with a guaranteed quality assurance and within record time.

Celcius is India's first and only SaaS marketplace for the cold supply chain. It is the only aggregator platform in India, which offers solutions for both Reefer logistics and cold storage warehousing. Celcius' simple yet unique solution can be credited to its inception as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

WHy Choose Celcius for hyper local delivery

Temperature-Controlled Delivery

Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles is equipped with advanced temperature control technology, ensuring your products arrive in optimal condition.


We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices through reusable packaging and eco-friendly delivery methods.

professional drivers

Our experienced drivers are trained to handle your products with utmost care and ensure timely and secure deliveries.

Why Us?

Swift and Secure
Hyper-Local Delivery

Celcius technology driven approach ensures that there is accountability from the booking to the delivery of the shipment. The Web and App based platform verifies shippers and transporters before listing them. The platform centralizes the booking and helps collate all the data in a single system.

During the transit period, customers can track both the thermal conditions and location of the shipment LIVE. Apart from this, Celcius also offers a multi-temperature loading option, multi-location pickup and drop facility and offers the convenience of a ratings system for transporters and shippers and an online bidding system for negotiations.

What We Do

Our Hyper-Local Delivery Services

Same-Day Delivery

Need something delivered urgently? Our same-day delivery service ensures your packages are picked up and delivered on the very same day, ensuring your business operations stay smooth.

On-Demand Delivery

When you require immediate deliveries for your business or personal needs, our on-demand delivery service is the perfect solution. We're just a call or Click away.

Scheduled Deliveries

For businesses with routine delivery needs, our scheduled delivery service allows you to plan your deliveries in advance. We provide reliability and punctuality, ensuring your operations run seamlessly.
What We Do

Industries We Serve


From e-commerce to brick-and-mortar stores, we help retailers get their products into the hands of their customers quickly.

Food and Beverage:

We assist restaurants, grocery stores, and food delivery services in ensuring that fresh and perishable items are delivered promptly.


  Our hyper-local delivery services are essential for the healthcare sector, ensuring the timely delivery of medical supplies and equipment


Companies rely on us for efficient inter-business deliveries, whether it's documents, supplies, or products.


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